Places to Play Hero

Places to Play

Find a Fun Place to Play at a School Near You

This map showcases Tulsa County schools with playgrounds and other facilities that are open to the public when school is not in session. That means you can enjoy the playground, walking trails, basketball court, soccer field – and so much more – after school hours, weekends, holidays and during summer break. For organized groups/sports leagues, contact the school district facility utilization office and learn about their facility use calendars.

The map was developed through a Plan4Health grant, which supports creative partnerships to improve health in local communities. In order for adults and children to get the exercise they need to be healthy, they need places to be active. Approximately 224,942 people in Tulsa do not live within walking distance to a park. Shared use is a strategy that leverages existing community areas for use as recreation spaces for the whole community. Thanks to shared use agreements with local schools, more residents will be able to access playgrounds and other outdoor amenities for physical activity and family fun.

Check out the map and your local school policy to find a fun place to play at a school near you!


Availability for play at schools is subject to change.